Father Changes Careers to Spend time with his Family: Feature on Hurley's Mr. Munguia

Father changes careers to spend time with his family

Carlos Munguia Sr. pictured with his kids Amanda Munguia (holding the bat), Carlos Munguia Jr. and Natalie Munguia. Photo courtesy of Celia Munguia

Carlos Munguia’s dad didn’t teach him to throw a baseball, kick a soccer ball or dribble a basketball. The hard-working father spent most of his time at a local manufacturing plant, where he worked many nights.

And on his days off, Munguia’s dad was usually too tired to play sports. So when young Carlos asked if he could join Little League, his dad said no because he didn’t have time to take him to practice or attend any games.

Finally, Munguia begged his dad to sign the application. “I told him I would go to practice with friends and he wouldn’t have to go to any games,” the Covina resident recalled. “And he never did.”

Young Carlos inherited his father’s work ethic. He got a job when he was 16 and earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration at Cal State Los Angeles.

“I got a good job with a finance company, where I was a credit manager approving loans and handling bankruptcies,” Munguia remembered.

He settled down and married his wife, Celia, and they had their first daughter, Natalie. Even though he was making good money, Munguia felt something was wrong with his life.

“He wouldn’t get home until 8 or 9 p.m. and worked every Saturday,” Celia said. “He felt like he was missing his daughter growing up and wanted to spend more time with his family.”

So after some soul searching, Munguia quit his job and decided to try teaching. He’d work the same schedule as his children and have plenty of time to teach them how to throw a baseball or kick a soccer ball.

“At the time, there was a shortage of teachers, so anyone with a degree could get a job as a teacher,” Munguia said. “But you had to go back to school to get your credential.”

So the young father went back to college to earn his teaching credential. Later, he would go on to receive a master’s degree in education. Click HERE for entire story!