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Extended Learning

Hurley Elementary school offers multiple opportunities and resources that support learning beyond the school day.  
  • During the winter and spring trimesters, students have the opportunity to be part of a Robotics and/or 3D Printing course.
  • Students in grades 4-6 can be part of a Spanish Enrichment Club.
  • Gifted students partake in workshops and learning opportunities across the school district on Saturdays.
  • ST Math supports students with their conceptual understanding in mathematics.  It's a web-based program at home and school.
  • Lexia is a web-based program that supports students with their English literacy  & reading comprehension both at home and school.  
  • iStation is a web-based program that supports students with their Spanish literacy at home and school.  
  • Hybridge Engenuity is offered to our students in grades 2-6 after school to support them with literacy and math content.
  • Hurley students have access to Saturday Learning Academies several times per year.
  • Hurley students also have access to winter and summer school across at varying school sites across the District.